Nocturnal Delerium

Snowed Inn

A funny thing happened on the way to Utah.

Coming out of the Eisenhower Tunnel the snow really began to fall. It wasn’t long before it was clear Troy was going to have to get off the interstate and find somewhere to spend the night. After watching for an exit with services, the members of Ghostlight Paranormal Research and Investigations found themelves headed down a mountain highway towards Snowflake Valley and a town called Miner’s Folly.

Snowflake 1

Around midnight Troy spots a figure coming out of the woods onto the roadway. Reacting swiftly he slams on the brakes of the van. The snow kept the van from stopping in time, for a breif second the figure was illuminated in the KC lights before a sickening thud reverbed through the the van. Able to maintain control of the vehicle as it came to a stop, Troy moved quickly to try and provide help. After grabbing a flashlight, Brandon jumped out of the passenger seat to join him. Not to be left behind the others piled out, gathering at the rear of the van and searching the drifts of snow for signs of life. While Professor Matsuda called 911 and reported the accident and their position via GPS.

The flashlight fell on the old indian wrapped in the blanket, just as he was raising his right hand with his fingers splayed out pointing at the members of the team. Shane drew a brace of pistols and leveled them at the old man as he began to chant in some ancient language. Nothing happened though, the old man’s medicine must not have been that strong. He holstered his guns realizing the threat was empty.

Misty surveying how bad the scene looked went back for her medical bag. As the she advanced through the deep powder toward the old man he began to get to his feet and limp away down the mountainside. Her pleading and reassuring the old man did no good. Standing in the taillights of the van and watching the wind blow the snow around the man is swirls he quickly dissapeared. The team decided agianst tracking him in the storm at night, and climbed back into the van to reach town. The 911 operator informing them that a search and rescue chopper was enroute and that they should report to the Sheriff’s office in Miner’s Folly.

At the sherrif’s office in Miner’s Folly, the team met Deputy Sean Dumont a friendly local that came off a bit anxious. The town was blanketed in snow and the Deputy informed them that they could spend the next several days waiting for the roads to be cleared. He pointed them in the direction of the Clearwater, a new hotel in town asking them to drop his name when they checked in.

At the hotel they were met outside the front doors by Eddie the Bellhop who assisted in unloading and parking the van. While they were checking in and making arrangements for rooms Brandon and Mistyspotted two men coming down the stairs from the right. The two men were suspicious, Shane had seen their type before, hired guns working for cattle barons no doubt. They left the hotel without checking out and drove off in a black SUV. After Jenny the night manager informed them of their discounted rate for snowbound travellers and that the resteraunt would be open all night. The team stowed their gear in adjoining rooms and met in the hotel bar.

Dr. Cynthia Carmichael was already there and caught the eye of Troy and she seemed just about to brush him off when she recognized Professor Matsuda from a physics conference where he had been a guest lecturer. Cynthia found herself playing footsie with the jock under the table while maintaining a stimulating conversation with the professor, she was delighted in the turn the night had taken. After a few more drinks her attention wandered more from the conversation and more to the physical response she was having. Screw it, she thought I can talk to the professor in the morning. Cynthia invited Troy to her room and while she was gathering her purse, she checked for condoms.

Brandon and Misty decided to call it a night and headed up to the rooms. A few seconds later Shane heard his name being called by Brandon from across the hotel. Snatching up his wiskey bottle and the wine soaked professor, Shane ran to Brandon’s aid. Investigating strange thumping sounds from the room next door, Brandon and Misty had discovered the window in the room next to them had been broken out and they could see something that looked like blood. The four of them went out into the hallway and found that the door to room 212 wasn’t latched. Shane drew a pistol and pushed the door open.

From the doorway the scene revealed itself as the door swung open. Broken lamp, clothing and luggage strewn about, signs of struggle, broken glass, and lots of blood-soaked snow near the window. The jagged maw of the window framed by the same deep red drapes in their rooms. Suddenly with a gust of wind and flurry of snow the door slams shut on the security latch with a loud thump.



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