Dowsing Pendulum

Used to communicate with spirits


Characters with the Psychic Feat Dowsing can utilize Dowsing Pendulum to ask a series of yes or no questions in the presence of a spirit. This can not be attempted without the use of an attuned or “grounded” pendulum. Spirits are compelled to answer truthfully. The base DC for the Psychic Focus check is variable depending on circumstances and may be modified further by the nature of the question, and the willingness of the spirit to communicate.


1 Full-round Action per question.


1d4 Sanity points and 1 point of temporary Wisdom damage for each successfully asked question. 1 sanity point for each failed attempt.


The is a small crystal or metal object suspended on the end of a chain or string. Held aloft by the investigator the dowsing pendulum will swing in a particular direction for yes and in another direction for no. The investigator needs to ensure that they keep their arms and hands as still as possible. The word “stop” should be used between each question to ensure that the dowsing pendulum settles before answering the next.

Once the investigator has ascertained the correct responses these forms of communication are fantastic to use on investigations in very active areas when communicating with spirits.

Dowsing Pendulum

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