Dowsing Rods

Two bent metal rods


Characters with the Psychic Feat Dowsing can utilize Dowsing Rods to add a +2 circumstance bonus to their Psychic Focus check.


Some paranormal investigators employ the use of two L-shaped metal rods to locate energy sources and paranormal activity. Although there is no standard material, it is recommended that dowsing rods be made of brass or another lightweight metal. Dowsing rods can even be made using metal coat hangers.

The paranormal investigator must walk in the direction that the rods are pointing. They supposedly point in the direction of the energy source and therefore, the rods must be followed. When the rods cross, the source has been found. If the rods remain crossed while the possessor of the rods is in motion, investigators believe this is evidence of paranormal energy in motion. In other words, the investigator can track the movement of the ghost or paranormal energy.

The team uses an EMF detector in conjunction with dowsing rods. If an energy source has been located with dowsing rods, the team likes to confirm these findings with other tools.

Dowsing Rods

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