Nocturnal Delerium

Guess Who's Eaten for Dinner?

Heading into the room to investigate without calling Troy, the crew quickly ascertained that someone had gone through the window. Searching the room turned us some personal effects of a man named Damien Carson, including a metal breifcase hidden under the bed. A letter identifying Mr. Carson as an independent contractor for Universal Mineral, hinted at potential danger. Misty and the professorremoved the breifcase from the room and took it next door to try and open it. After several failed attempts and some acrid black smoke escaping from the breifcase, Troy was able to open it when he returned only to find the contents had been destroyed.
Metal briefcases
In the meanwhile Brandon and Shane went outside to see if they could help whomever had gone through the window. After trudging through some waist deep snow it became clear that behind this hotel was some sort of steep ravine. The darkness of the night combined with the swirling snowfall made it impossible to tell how deep it was. For a few moments they called out below, only to be greeted by their own echoes faintly carried on the wind. They went back in and spoke to Jenny at the desk about the room’s occupant and the need to contact the autorities. When they were returning upstairs Brandon connected the men in black they had seen earlier to the crime. Clearly they had thrown Mr. Carson out the window just before the team of investigators checked into the Clearwater.

Suddenly a woman screamed from up on the second floor. The scream attracted quite a bit of attention and soon the halls were filled with sleepy, but curious guests. The woman who screamed was Mamie Hesley restless and unable to sleep she had been wandering around the hotel. Shane and Brandon had passed by her on their way outside earlier. Shane escorted people away from the room and with the help of Eddie the Bellhop they kept the guests at bay until local law enforcement arrived.

Sheriff Willheim and Deputy Dumont arrived and conducted an investigation into the events taking a special interest in the team of investigators once they found out they had entered the hotel room before contacting the authorities. The sheriff began interrogating them one at a time in the hotel conference room. It was Misty that slipped up and got caught in a lie. The sheriff convinced her to turn over evidence taken from the room. Brandon handed over the letter and no mention was made of the briefcase. It was clear they were under suspicion and despite threats to arrest them, the Sheriff only warned them not to leave town and to stay out of his invesstigations.

The team went to sleep after discussing the incident and doing some research. In the morning they would head into town to get supplies and invsetigate further. Exhausted Troy slept soundly with Cindy’s intoxicating scent still with him. With all the excitement of the snow storm and the accident, the amazing evening he’d just had with a woman who had no idea who he was, and the murder next door he had almost forgot that tonight was the 1st, and the moon would be full. Almost…

Moon over snow



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